Viamet: Advanced integration of meteorological data to achieve high resolution winter road condition forecasts

Roger Veciana i Rovira

Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya

The challenge

Road status forecasting along 500km of mountain roads

The region: El Berguedà

The region: El Berguedà

Highlands and flat zones

The region: El Berguedà

Reservoires generating high moisture points (icy roads)

The region: El Berguedà

Usual solution

METRo model

METRo model inputs

As many RWIS stations as points to forecast

Complex terrain means lots of points

Data assimilation

Budget problem

Our solution: 4 RWIS + "Virtual stations"

Calculating the RWIS variables from available data

Enough data to calculate as many points as necessary

Thermal mapping equipment

Thermal mapping creation

Based on the Pasquill-Guifford index

Changes depending on the situation

Technologies used

The actual page